rndmcnlly (rndmcnlly) wrote,

So much math meat!

I was poking around on the internet today... and suddenly it all started to make sense, but now I'm feeling a little lost. I ordered myself a textbook on impulse to help me figure it all out. I'm all about taking a cool idea and applying it where people might not expect, and I get this strange feeling that geometric algebra might remain one of those cool-ideas-to-apply in the long run.

And now, to scare you away and draw me further in (because I learned a few of these things from a brief intro I just read), here are amazon.com's statistically improbably phrases: mixed signature spaces, restricted conformal group, spacetime algebra, geometric algebra formulation, multiparticle quantum theory, third bivector, acceleration bivector, quantum inner product, monogenic equation, rotor group, bivector algebra, pure bivector, geometric product, rotor description, anticommuting vectors, spacetime bivectors, conformal space, highest grade element, spherical monogenics, shape tensor, full conformal group, second field equation, rotor equation, directed integral, using geometric algebra. How will I ever sleep now??

In four words: cross products get x'ed.
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