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According to the directory listing of my Reason project dump, its been over two years since I uploaded any new music I made to my site. Today this changes. I've just added a new track, forlackofabetternamely named 'timesince'.

A few notes:
- It was just two or three hours from opening Reason to uploading the mp3.
- Normally I don't make the loops, arrange them into a larger piece, then tweak for uploading in a single sitting but it has been so long that I jumped right through the pipeline.
- The notes in each loop were all laid out with the matrix step sequencer (the new sequencer window view is still a bit alien to me), then arranged as blocks after.
- I've explored a lot of new music avenues since I last made a full track, but this was an experiment in working in the old methods, sticking to Reason-only and no external tool integration, livecoded or otherwise.
- As with most of my stuff, I mainly care about the breakdown and add the fairly generic drums mostly as a way to create a higher reference energy level for contrast.
- I'm not happy with the overall arc of development and I forgot to trim out the silence at the end of the mp3, but I've gone and published it now and it takes so long to export this track (which can only play in real-time when settings are turned down).

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