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jeff blogs to me while i take a nap

Progrium: andy's gf has a new kind of science and some other cool books
Progrium: on the plane i was trying to formalize my conceptual framework
of thought by building a sort of semantic network around all the things
i like to think about, trying to figure out why i like things so much or
see so much profoundness in things as simple as "models"
Progrium: that way i can write about it and convince people these things
are so great
Progrium: but it's hard because i know these things are part of a system
that i have an idea of abstractly, but in order to communicate it and
fully grok it myself, it's a lot of work
Progrium: or something. i'm going to try and sleep again
Progrium: Progrium signed off at 4:42 pm.
Progrium: Progrium signed on at 4:52 pm.
Progrium: i got up because i had this idea of "memetic genealogy" where
you can trace a behavior or idea back to essentially the inspiring meme
Progrium: i had done it before, but i thought it was more psychological
because i could trace back ideas and behavior of mine back to thigns
when i was little, like a fascination with trucks that led to my
fascination with programming
Progrium: but of course, the truck thing i wasn't born with, it come
from some person, and then in that person it came from somewhere
Progrium: so theoretically you could trace a meme back to some root meme
... but we'd probably not get that far since it's hard enough to get to
the root of actual genealogy and memes seem like they'd be harder to
Progrium: and if you search for google on it
Progrium: you get one mention of "memetic genealogy" but in the use of
the history of the idea of memes
Progrium: and then there's maybe 1 or 2 uses that fit mine
Progrium: one of them being about scientology and their memetic
genealogical relation to mormons and the freemasons
Progrium: on the plane i also came up with the idea of memetic model,
which is to complement the idea of mental model... just because i
remember you saying something about specifying mental in front of model
when "there isn't a model that isn't a mental model" or something like
Progrium: and i need to read more about memes to get this totally right
Progrium: but a memetic model is pretty much the use of model that most
of us use, it's the shared model that we have
Progrium: because a mental model is relative, the memetic model is
projected from the mental model
Progrium: it's like the mental model is the local working copy and the
memetic model is the one in the repository that people learn about and
contribute to
Progrium: ...you fail
Progrium: Progrium signed off at 5:24 pm.
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