rndmcnlly (rndmcnlly) wrote,

money laundering

I requested, through official channels, to be a TA for this coming quarter. I had heard that "there aren't many slots available" this quarter, but I was sure they would have reserved one for the introductory computer graphics class. After all, this class has a mandatory, separate, 2-credit lab portion. No slots. Maybe all the kids were meant to learn it on thier own using tutorials found on the internet (I know its possible!). A solution was found that involves routing teh cashz0r to me from two separate sources with official descriptions not matching my intentions.

If someone asks "if you are the TA, how come you are giving a class lecture?", I can safely tell reply "what do you mean? I'm not the TA for this class" -- "so what are you?" -- "um, a vigilante, i guess you might say". "This is cool and all, but isn't this class supposed to be about graphics?" -- "mmmmmmmaybe.".

**edit: Officially there is one slot for every 60 students, and an expectation of at the most 30 students in the graphics class. Thus, after one iteration of the long-division-of-decimal-integers algorithm, I find confirm a total of 0 slots to be allocated with a remainder of 30 unguided students. However, this is a university, not elementary school. As such, a received a recent update regarding my status that made use of not only decimals but fractions and percentages as well!
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